Our Philosophy

Patience and flexibility are the key words. We listen to each child, to hear their concerns, so their experience is positive. We value each child as an individual and want to develop personal connections to enhance the feeling they will get in our office. We believe you will find our office cheerful, personable, comfortable and accommodating. Our office has a tropical look and is as non-dental as possible.


photo of roomAll metal instruments, burs and high speed hand pieces are heat sterilized. We have both a chemical heat sterilizer and a steam heat sterilizer. Both sterilizers are tested weekly, by an outside lab for adequacy of sterilization. Glass items are cold chemically sterilized for 24 hours. All other plastic items, plastic covering, rubber prophy cups, brushes, saliva suctions, etc. are thrown away. We use many plastic coverings (barrier method) so we do not have to spray as many chemicals.


Dental Insurance is a wonderful aid to help cover the costs of dental care if you are lucky enough to have coverage. Every insurance is different. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with your dental insurance. Call your carrier and check to see:

  1. If you need a referral to our office
  2. If we are in your network
  3. If you have a deductible
  4. If you have a maximum allowance per year
  5. If your insurance covers white fillings
  6. If your insurance pays per their fee schedule or our office fee schedule

The more you know about your insurance the better your experience will be and you will understand your coverage.

To help us be more efficient, if you have dental insurance to help you pay for your child’s dental care, please provide us a copy of the insurance card, along with the toll-free telephone number. In order for us to verify insurance eligibility, we need:

  • Name of policy holder/subscriber
  • Date of birth
  • Place of employment or union
  • Subscriber’s social security number or insurance ID number
  • Name & address of insurance company
  • Relationship to child

We verify all insurance before treatment can begin. If you can give us this information several days prior to treatment, we can verify early instead of having you wait on the day of your appointment. Verifying insurance can take up to 30 minutes. Also, if you have a second insurance to help pay for your child’s dental care, we need all of the above information for that subscriber. Some insurance companies require you to have a referral from the primary dentist before being seen in our office. It is YOUR responsibility to obtain the needed referral. Please call your insurance company. All of the above applies if you ever change your insurance company.